This site is made for your knowledge and for you to understand what is the concept of Talavera as well as its history and elaboration. This website is dedicated to all of those incredible artists that create this worderful and unique pieces, as each one is handmade and there are no two alike.

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Since the 16th century, Mexican craftsmen have been producing Talavera pottery.  This art form has evolved from ancient cultures and influenced the production of pottery in Mexico resulting in the exquisite Talavera pottery that is available today.  True, certified Talavera pottery is produced in the city of Puebla, in the state of Puebla, Mexico however, high-quality, modern Talavera pottery is also available from factories in other Mexican districts such as Dolores Hidalgo and Guanajuato. More... (soon)

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Find a great places, and enjoy all that San Miguel has

Find a great places, and enjoy all that San Miguel has.
January 8

San Miguel de Allende is world famous for its mild climate, colonial architecture, and the large expatriate population. Of these, most are American, with a good percentage of Canadians, and a few Europeans and other nationalities. Many people have chosen to retire here, and so the large community of foreigners has brought a good investment for the city to have investments to improve this town in San Miguel de Allende can find:
The Library is a nonprofit institution that is at the disposal thousands of books in both English and Spanish for the community. It has the second largest collection in all of Mexico, of books in English.
There is an active community theater, and rarely goes a weekend without a film in one of the three theaters;
Additionally Angela Peralta Theater productions host is always traveling around the world, as varied, ranging from flamenco guitarists to acrobats;
Many restaurants, bars, luxury hotels and other high quality services that will find here something else to enjoy your visit.

Enjoy San Miguel, and have a great time!!

Enjoy San Miguel, and have a great time!!
January 8

Whether life of youth between nightclubs, discos in San Miguel de Allende is very abundant, at night most young people is on the streets of this wonderful city and you can find many sites of interest like private clubs with which this place has to spend a holiday, each of the most exclusive places with security, for night is the best without any problem, restricted to underage alcohol. San Miguel is a city of "parties" and rockets, drumming and horns round of feathered dancers in the main square, parades, fairs, music of all kinds. Home to many foreigners and many Mexicans who migrated to the big cities looking for a better quality of life. Celebrate with us all kinds of traditions spends a few days in this city, and to rest after you cross it recommend a wonderful boutique hotel near the main yard, puedar to explore on foot, most places are centrally located.

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All About San Miguel de Allende: Hotels, Bed and Breakfasts, Vacation Rentals, Houses for Sale, and information about the community of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

San Miguel De Allende
San Miguel de Allende Mexico has never felt better I have seen some perfect days but today is just a smashing day to live in Mexico.
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